Respond, Rescue, Remember.
Your Safety First

Mission Statement of Chelsea Fire Company:
"To ensure the protection of life and property from fire or other emergency within the Chelsea Fire District and to such jurisdiction as required by the Dutchess County Mutual Aid plan. To foster interest in all matters pertaining to the fire and emergency medical service, and the welfare of all fire and E.M.S personnel."

The Chelsea Fire Company is an all-volunteer organization. We are comprised of highly motivated, self-sacrificing individuals from various backgrounds, age groups and cultures. This small group of dedicated men and women have only one goal in mind—the safety of you and your family as declared in our by-laws and in our personal ethic.
Despite feats of courage in the face of danger, despite dogged determination in rendering protection and care to you and your family, it is becoming increasingly taxing on our small group of the community's bravest. With decreased funding and membership through sheer attrition of age and call volume, We implore you to contribute to the continued tradition of community protection by becoming a Volunteer Firefighter.

Introducing "The Little Company That Could"

Over time and beyond ChelseaFD will be showcasing unrehearsed digital interviews and candid written submissions from the men and women who respond to the various calls for help from the residents and visitors of Chelsea's Fire District: Please learn more about us through the button just below.


 News and Announcements

  • Commissioners meeting: 09/10/2018 starting 7:30 PM @ 16 Liberty st., Chelsea,NY 12512 : All are Welcome!!
    Visit us and discover the latest about your local firehouse!
  • Chelsea FD Open House April 28th, 2018. Come join and get to know us!!
  • Chelsea FD contains and fights back boat fire on March 31st, 2018!!! 
  • ChelseaFD Donates hair to wig making charity for random individual suffering or suffered from cancer.
  • Chelsea FD members in 2018 Dutchess/Ulster Heart Walk at Marist college for fallen Brother Firefighter Cabrera
  • ChelseaFD participates in Slater Chemical Fire Company's Annual Fire Prevention event.
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  • ChelseaFD conducts 2nd Annual Fire prevention event at Beacon High school with neighboring Departments.
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Become part of the team! please download the application below and mail to:  
16 Liberty st., Chelsea,NY 12512
Visit us every Monday 7:00PM