Angel Luis Gonzalez III                        35 - L3

         Angel Luis Gonzalez III
                     35 - L3


What is your name? 
Angel Luis Gonzalez III

Current position in Chelsea FD? 
Firefighter/EMT/ 3rd Lieutenant

How long have you been in the fire service?
3 years

Why did you join the Fire service?
I joined the Fire service to protect and serve my community.The Fire service helped fill a void of Brotherhood and camaraderie I had when I served in the U.S Army.

Did you have certain expectations of what it might be like to belong to a Fire department prior to joining?
I was nervous when I volunteered.I came in with a blank slate as far as expectations and I was not disappointed in my choice.

Were your expectations met? What was different than you expected? 
With no expectations to begin with, I soon realized that "expectations" had developed with each passing year. I "expected" to accomplish evolving goals with my fellow brothers and sisters in the Firehouse in order to become a better Firefighter and a better teacher to younger members. 

What are your goals within Chelsea FD?My personal goals are simple. I wanted to training to be top-notch or to be developed into something that was envied and sought after, in order to become a better First responder and a better person. All in all, to be the best that I can be.

How has being a member of Chelsea FD affected your home/family life?  
Why do you volunteer?
Being a member has put stress on my home and family life, but I am fortunate that everyone in my life has adapted well by knowing that I'm doing this for a good reason.

What is your Primary occupation?
I work as an EMT in Philipstown.

Why do you volunteer?
I volunteer for a few reasons, very simply I want to be "that person" that can help a person that cannot help themselves and hopefully be the one who makes a bad day just a little better.

What is one thing that you would like to tell a potential new member?
Before you commit to our family and business trade, you must ask yourself " can I see myself putting my life in danger at a moments notice, at any time, in any weather for a complete stranger". If not, then this is not for you.