Ryan McCluskey                 35 - 1

         Ryan McCluskey
              35 - 1


How long have you been in the Fire service
9 years

Why did you join the Fire service?
I grew up in the fire house. I spent birthdays, holidays and a lot of time there with family and friends.

What are your goals within Chelsea FD?
to better the Department and my community

How has being a member of Chelsea FD affected your home/family life?
I have missed many family functions, birthdays,holidays and graduations. I have ran out on lunches and special dinners. It has caused fights and arguments, but when its all said and done you appreciate the time home a little more and your family is always happy to see you walk through the door.

What is your primary occupation?
I am a Fire Sprinkler Technician

Why do you Volunteer?
I just got hooked from being around as a kid and responding to calls with my grandfather.

What is one thing that you would like to tell a potential new member?
Consult your family before applying and understand the commitment you are making. This is not a business for the faint of heart and the easily offended, But if you stick around you will find out that becoming a Firefighter was one of your best decisions.