Angelica Guerrero Pulido                Firefighter/EMT

          Angelica Guerrero Pulido

What is your name? 
Angelica Guerrero Pulido

Current position in Chelsea FD? 
Probationary Firefighter/ EMT

How long have you been in the fire service?
1 year

Why did you join the Fire service?  
I just moved away from home and wanted to find a new place of belonging. I wanted to have a family and support system.

Did you have certain expectations of what it might be like to belong to a Fire department prior to joining? 
I had no clue what to expect. Being from California, EMS and Fire service are run very differently than New York. While almost all things back home are paid service, here in New York everything is volunteer based. All I really wanted was to fit in and make lifelong friends while learning to be the best I could at being a Firefighter.

Were your expectations met? what was different than you expected? 
While I’ve only been here a year, I can say that my expectations of those in the department are being met. Something I didn’t see coming was how painful it would be to lose someone you only see on Mondays, and during calls. How quickly strangers become the people who shape and mold you into being the best version of yourself, without realizing there could be a better version. This year, we lost an amazing man (Julio Carreras), and in this difficult chapter I never doubted the strong love our family has for one another.  

What are your goals within Chelsea FD? 
I want to make the biggest difference I can in the company. That difference to me can be as small as making people excited to come around the fire house, or as big as getting people to join our family. Mostly, my goal is to grow as a member of the community and help where I can.

How has being a member of Chelsea FD affected your home/family life? 
At times it’s placed a small strain on my home life and at other times its put an even larger strain. I’m either running from a long day at work to the fire station, or from school to the fire station regardless of the weather (extreme heat, rain or snow). Nothing in this world is smooth sailing and easy going, but my friends and husband are supportive and understanding. I can definitely say that the ‘inconvenience’ is nothing compared to the rush of helping those in the community.

What is your Primary occupation?
I work for Mobile Life Support Services Inc. as an EMT-B. I’m also a Full-Time student at SUNY New Paltz.

Why do you volunteer? 
I want to be the calm someone may desperately need, while doing the best I can as an EMT and learning Firefighter. I like knowing that I make a difference, and I never have to question what impact I’m making; I can see it every time I’m at a scene.

What is one thing that you would like to tell a potential new member? 
You can do this, and you can succeed in this field if you put in the effort. I heard this saying once, “Where there is a firehouse, there’s a seat for the man who bears the Maltese Cross and hot plate ready to eat amongst brothers.” If you are thinking about joining, do it. We have your seat and hot plate ready on a Monday.