January 9, 2017
The regular meeting of the Chelsea Fire District was opened at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 9, 2017 in the District Office.  Present were Comms. Brickner, Kearns, Flowers,Sunseri, VanTassel, Secty Y. Tompkins, Treas. L. Sheppard, Chief McCluskey and Asst. Chief Papo and Training Officer Mike Stevens.The minutes of the December meeting were accepted as read on a motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Sunseri.
    The Treasurer’s Report was accepted on a motion by Comm. Brickner, second by Comm. VanTassel with the Year End Balance of $49,512.18 and showed the following balances:

Checking –(MNB) $17,935.21
Aux. Checking Acct. - $1,123.65
Gen. Fund - $30,453.32
Bldg. Fund - $322,015.86
Equip. Fund - $257,048.14. 
The bills were approved via Abstract of Audited Vouchers $86,668.91 (list attached dated 12/8/16-12/30/16) and $4,500.48 (1/7/17through 1/26/17 and authorize payment of any bills not yet received on a motion by comm. Van Tassel, second by Comm. Sunseri. Carried.  Bank statements received were reviewed and found OK.

VFIS Newsletter
TOF Planning Board
Flyer-Dutchess County Amateur Radio class January 28 & 29.
Assoc. of Fire District’s class registration papers.
TOF- current officer request
Request to use Station 2 on January 29, 2017 by Anthony Sunseri.
Chief’s Report


Purchasing: Saw Blade, AED pads, compartment mats and hardware ordered.
Tablets – working on.
Order 2 (4) gas meters.

Comm. Flower: spoke to architect, will set up meeting.
Regional radio grant – pushed out of it.
Comm. Brickner: B & G good – toilet broken in ladies room and glass in door fixed.
Comm. VanTassel: FP same. Having a By-Law committee meeting in 2 weeks.
Comm. Kearns: Optonline – Station 2 no internet service.
Firematic will be here Thursday with rod.

Phones – laptops; replacement of Chief car; track service records.

Investment/Procurement Policy tabled until February.
Much discussion on Commissioners having copies of everything.


LOSAP – call Gene Heeter

Use of Station 2 approved for Jan. 29th for Anthony Sunseri.

Chief’s Report:
Andrew Shulman and Kenneth Schirmer approved to have physicals done on
Different dates due to class and work commitments.

As of January 2017, Medical calls will not count as part of the LOSP program.

DCC live in program – active firemen – Mike Stevens will get copies of policies.

5 applicants for Dutchess County Weekend training.  All classes OK.

Travel – Julio will take his own car. Will need car/van to rent. Need info back by Feb. 3.

Driver? Cost per student is $145 for weekend.

Training – CPR/First Aid class- taken in 2015 will be expiring soon.

There are 19 CPR and 15 1st Aid personnel in need of class. Will do sometime in Feb.

Is there an alternate way for fit testing?

Facebook – to promote website, $50/mo. To do similar stuff – advertising.

Contracting Jonathan to do $600/mo. 3 hrs a week, $50/hr.

Health Club members – none.

Lap Top for training – waiting on Verizon.

Bailout – need recertified info for files.

CO Detectors?

Chief needs paper supplies.

Give Jonathan copy of District minutes.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m. on a motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Sunseri.

Yvonne M. Tompkins, Secretary