February 12, 2018

The regular meeting of the Chelsea Fire District was opened at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, February 12, 2018 in the District Office.  Present were Comms. Brickner, Splain, Flower, Sunseri, VanTassel, Secty Y. Tompkins, Treas. L. Sheppard, Chief McCluskey and Company President Leo Kearns.

The minutes of the January Reorganization meeting and regular January meeting minutes were accepted as read on a motion by Comm. Sunseri, second by Comm. VanTasssel.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted on a motion by Comm. VanTassel second by Comm. Sunseri and showed the following balances:
Checking (MNB) - $22,630.38;
Aux. Checking - $1,126.16;
Gen. Fund - $46,148.88;
Bldg. Fund –$347,361.90;
Equip. Fund - $282,282.22)

The bills were approved, via Abstract of Audited Vouchers (list attached dated (1/6 – 1/30/18) Totaling $26,713.80and (2/10 – 2/23/18) Totaling $7,489.81 on a motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Flower.  All bank statements were checked and found correct. The Annual Financial Report for 2017 was received.

A RESOLUTION was offered by Comm. Sunseri and second by Comm. Splain to have the District secretary open and date all incoming bank statements. The resolution was passed with all AYE votes.


Chief’s Report

Fire District Affairs


Comm. VanTassel – Purchasing nothing to report

Comm. Sunseri – Firematic will look at trucks on 2/21/18.

Comm. Flower – No grants, will check further.

Comm. Splain – Fire Police, Bldg. & Grounds – posted worker’s comp info at station 2.

Comm. Brickner – All repairs have been done at Station 2. Will continue as Med Officer with Secretary Y. Tompkins.


The PIPS contract was approved (computer help w/LOSAP).

Comm. VanTassel reported on progress for purchasing a new chief’s car. Said all prices are with $1,000 of each other. The vehicle chosen was a 2018 Chevy Tahoe at the cost of $36,360.65 (state contract) if approved by a Permissive Referendum, delivery could be between 75-120 days. The date for approval will be the March 12th meeting. Comm. Sunseri made a motion to go ahead, second by Comm. VanTassel. All Commissioners approved.


The Procurement Policy was amended on a motion by Comm. Splain, second by Comm. Sunseri to be changed as follows:  $0-$5,000 approve by 3 Commissioners; $5,000-$10,000 approve by 3 written quotes; $10,000+ will need 3 bids unless on State Contract. All votes with AYE votes.

Accounting of fixed assets =  2/12/18.

Credit card-up to $200 approved on motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Flower.



Chief’s report: copy of goals attached.

Went over proposed gear racks – 2 mobile racks, Comm. Sunseri made a motion for 2 double side racks for Station 1 and 1 single side mounted rack at Station 2. The cost $4,574. Comm. Flower made the second. All approved.

Comm. Splain made a motion to fund the ICE WATER RESCUE class for refreshments in the amount of $500. Comm. Sunseri made the second. Carried.

Comm. VanTassel made a motion for the Chief to take the Chief’s vehicle to the L.I. Fire Expo, Comm. Flower made the second. Carried.

Need Social Media Policy.

All Sport membership for Larry Hawkins was presented with receipts and approved.

Recruitment/Retain Open House April 28 11-2 at Station 2 with a cost of approximately $850 for food and ads. Comm. VanTassel made the motion to approve, second by Comm. Flower. Carried.

CPR Class + 1st Aid = $50/each. EMT refresh $30.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. on a motion by Com. Van Tassel, second by Comm. Sunseri.

Yvonne M. Tompkins, Secretary