May 8, 2017

The regular meeting of the Chelsea Fire District was opened at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 8, 2017, in the District Office.  Present were Comms. Brickner, Flower, Sunseri, VanTassel, Secty Y. Tompkins, Treas. Lynne Sheppard, Chief McCluskey, Asst. Chief Schrimer, Training Officer Stevens.

Absent: Comm. Kearns

The minutes of the April meeting were accepted on a motion by Comm. Van Tassel second by Comm. Sunseri.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted on a motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Sunseri and showed the following balances:

Checking - $2,223.54;
Checking (Aux.) - $1,124.20;
Gen. Fund - $277,727.61;
Bldg. Fund - $346,935.37;
Equip. Fund - $281,935.60.

The Abstract Vouchers, list attached (4/4-4/26/17) Totaling $14,280.97 and List 5/3-25/17) totaling $50,611.16 were approved with the exception of Firematic be put on hold on a motion by Comm. Sunseri and second by Comm. VanTassel. The statements for April were reviewed by Comm. Brickner and found correct.



Information on gas from Central Hudson

DOCJ Amendments to 9NYCRR Part 6056 removal for cause relating to Fire Police.

National Weather Service Skywarm training info.

TOF Emerg. Preparedness Final minutes

TOF Mt. rescue info

Chief’s Report




Comm. Sunseri: 
phones ready to go;
working on Chief’s car;
batteries for thermal image camera on order.

Comm. Flower: 
no report

Comm. VanTassel:
Fire Police – need more.
Working on SOG’s.

Comm. Brickner:
lights done in P.O.;
need to check men’s urinal at Station 2.



Recruitment & Retention held in April was the best we ever had. Handed out 6 applications. This was due to excellent relationship with Southern Dutchess News and their coverage.



NEW BUSINESS:                                

Officer Stevens would like to conduct survey of population and have a fire prevention contest. Board gave Mike permission to do training. We have 2 new members graduating from Fire Training School and would like to reward them with a personalized helmet shield.

Asst. Chief Schirmer would like to change flag position on uniforms and remove gold stripes from pants. He will get prices.

Chief’s Report (attached to original minutes)

Need to replace 2 hoses.

On a motion by Comm. VanTassel, second by Comm. Sunseri, permission was given to purchase a white shirt and jacket for the Asst. Chief and a white shirt for Training Officer Stevens. Carried.

There will be a walk thru at the Jehovah Witness buildings on May 22 at 7 p.m. Need to think about staffing.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM. On a motion by Comm. Sunseri, second by Comm. VanTassel.


Yvonne M. Tompkins, Secretary